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I just came back from my looong trip. It wasn’t that long at last, because when you travel time goes by so fast! What makes this trip different from the others is that I was traveling alone. Well, both at Paris and London I met some friends, but still I spent enough time wondering around on my own. How was it? Just great! Why? (more…)


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one looooong trip!

Excitement is the right word to describe my feelings! Let’s have a look.

Saturday night @ Copenhagen. Sunday morning, off I go! Sunday midday @ Berlin, by coach. Stop for 4 hours, when I plan to visit Checkpoint Charlie and Brandenburger Tor in a hurry. Then, back to the coach. After 16 hours I’ ll be in Paris! 1500 kms babe!

In Paris I’ll stay for 3 days and nights! LeWeb is the cause and I love it! So, on Thursday I’m  flying to London where I’m going to meet my friend Costantina who is going to host me 🙂  (thanks sweetie!) London is THE city!

Finally, on Monday morning I’m flying back to Copenhagen where I have a thesis to conduct 😉

So, during this week I’ ll try to sleep as less as I can, grab lots of experiences and make tons of pictures!!!

Of course, I have to thank my sponsors for their invaluable support!

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