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Kampsax vs Databar

Well, for all DTU erasmus exchange students these 2 words mean plenty of things. For those who just hear them for the first time:

Kampsax is a cafe-pub-club that every Thursday hosts the most successful party at the campus. I’ ve been there only once, cause I’ve been here since last Monday, but I really liked it! And when you have a great company, like I do, things are much better 🙂


Databar are rooms with pc’s spread around the campus and dedicated to studying. They are open 24/7 and you enter with your student magnetic card. The fact that most of the Danish people talk to each other while studying is quite annoying. If you need silence, then you have to find an empty databar… Like this one.dscn76062

So, it is now made clear that the title of this post can be rewritten “Partying vs Studying”. The obvious answer is Kampsax! However, I am working on a project that requires studying 🙂

Therefore, I try to spend my time doing both. What about you? What do you thing an erasmus student should do more?


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