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I haven’t updated my blog for long. During that time I visited my friends in Cologne (pics can be found here) where I had a great time, I have been working on my thesis project and I have been partying as much as I could! So, I had not that much time for blogging 😀

This is my last night in Denmark. I will share with you some of my thoughts. Disclaimer: I haven’t spent that much time on them, so don’t expect too much. Here it goes.

Erasmus Project is the best thing that can happen in your student life. For sure. Living with people from around the globe, people who love traveling and sharing their experiences with you is the best part. Only after 3 months here, I feel my room mates like my family… I feel sad for leaving them…

Erasmus Project broadens your horizons. There are so many new things to see and learn. So many people to contact. So many memories to keep.

Denmark is a beautiful country. Everything runs smoothly. There is a reason for everything. You can lead a peaceful life here. I liked that. I don’t say that I want to live here because there are soooooooo many places that I want to explore. But I could live here. For my Greek folks, please, don’t try to make any comparisons with Greece…

Danish people are “?”. That’s it. You can’t name a nation. To be honest, I met a few Danish because exchange students like us hang out with international people mostly. So, I met some smiley faces, really interested in listening your story, but I also met some who just didn’t care. But generally speaking, Danish are polite and if you treat them right, they respect you. This is very important to me. 

Danish language is sooooo difficult and a bit ugly for my taste. I prefer Spanish 🙂

Spanish people are sooooo cool! I have been living with lots of them and we get on really well! De puta madre!

Exchange students in general though are cool. I mean, they have chosen to do this trip, so they feel like doing it. Therefore, all of them are friendly, always there to help you, willing to party at anytime! So, after second thoughts, Spanish don’t have something special :p

The fee that my home university pays me every month is sooo good (aprox 630 euros). Spanish for example, they get 150 euros.

All in all, erasmus is a great experience. I would have made a huge mistake if I didn’t taste it. I’m lucky 🙂 So, for you who still have the chance, go for it! For the rest, I feel sorry :p

Now comes the aknowledgments. I first want to thank my sweet parents for helping me mentally and financially. Their support has been tremendous. I just LOVE them! The weird thing is that I didn’t miss them 😀 I also want to thank all my new friends for the great moments that we shared! Pablo, Kike, Nikola, Teresa, Ione, Renato, Pedro, Reynald, Maurissio, Roberto, Ramon (both), Edita, Guillermo, Joao, Dimitris, Argyris, Haris, George, Vicky, Joana, Ola and so on (they are so many, for sure I miss some of them, sorry…)


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I just came back from my looong trip. It wasn’t that long at last, because when you travel time goes by so fast! What makes this trip different from the others is that I was traveling alone. Well, both at Paris and London I met some friends, but still I spent enough time wondering around on my own. How was it? Just great! Why? (more…)

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